Many people are often confused with the question: What is the difference between designers of weddings and wedding planners? It is often assumed they are the same thing, but in reality, it is not quite like that.

Many people get confused between a wedding planner and a wedding designer, because there are wedding planners who also offer wedding design services, like us. Realistically, a wedding designer takes care of creating the concept, decor styling and ultimately the materialization of the "wedding design".

We at Reka Teemor are Malaysia's award-winning wedding decor & design specialist that helps to visualize how you want your wedding event to look & feel, and then we make it happen.

Shape up your ideas and let Reka Teemor make it a reality

When you aren't sure of where to start or what you are going to want for your wedding decor & theme, a wedding designer is the answer. Just as the needs of a wedding should be planned, you also need someone to help you conceptualize your wedding venue decoration. How are you going to gather all the ideas you want for your wedding, build a cohesive and solid style, as well as take your endless Pinterest images into one practical & doable concept? That's what a wedding designer does, and Reka Teemor is specialized in.

With us as your wedding designer, you improve order and translate your ideas into a reality, thread your event with personality and sophistication. This means understanding your vision & wishes, making your decorations, configuring each detail and styling everything up to perfection.

We give regal touch to every wedding design

We help & guide you in the selection of your color palette, decoration, lighting, and design customization, as well as the creation of a style or theme, if you want a glamorous wedding, classic or country, working with your florists and stationers, choosing tablecloths and style of center table, high, low, types of flowers, among others. We will guide the whole appearance of your event, ensuring that all teams of suppliers are working towards the same ideas, working in collaboration to create a coherent flow of your aesthetics and style, bringing all the design elements together to the day of your wedding. Thus, when the guests arrive, they will be mesmerized by the elegance you gave to your event.

Always ask for Reka Teemor as your wedding designer

We want your event to be wonderful and distinctive without worries. Remember that you should enjoy your wedding and always remember it as one of the greatest events of your life.

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