A Destination Wedding is one that takes place somewhere of your choosing - it can be any destination, from a state within your own country or in an exotic place in another country.

Destination weddings are ideal for couples who wants something unique as well as combining it with a vacation, or simply to explore the wedding location further. The option of a destination wedding is also ideal for those who want to take advantage of the trip to start their honeymoon right away after the ceremony and reception.

There are many options to choose from romantic destinations: exotic places, serene beaches, charming cities, rugged historical places to the most extravagant places. Whether it is on top of a mountain or while snorkeling in clear waters, regardless of the season, there are countless places on all continents to join in marriage.

Reka Teemor can help you realize your dream destination wedding anywhere!

A destination wedding can be a particular and unforgettable moment, but it can also cause a lot of stress and difficulties during your planning, since planning is even more complicated, when you do not live in the destination or you do not speak the local language. That is why Reka Teemor can help you to make everything possible. Depending on the type and location of the wedding, we offer these services for destination weddings:

  • Complete organization of the event at the destination with local partners.
  • Receiving of bride & groom entourage and guests, at the airport and transfer them to venue
  • Hotel & venue reservations, working with local partners for venue preparations
  • Arrange activities for before and after the wedding for the guests.
  • Assist with bureaucratic procedures in the destination and legalization in the country of residence. (visa process, if necessary for the destination).
Destination Wedding in Malaysia

Malaysia is one of the most amazing places in this wonderful world, a space reserved for those who seek authentic treasures, only the privileged can discover their kindness and you can be one of them. The ideal spot for an admirable Destination Wedding in Malaysia, the country encloses multiculturalism and exquisite nature. Malaysia is waiting for you!

If you are a visitor to Malaysia with a dream of having your destination wedding in Malaysia, Reka Teemor will provide you, upon request, a selection of best locations that suit what you are dreaming of. Whether it is a romantic or exotic place, we have a myriad of options all over Malaysia for you to choose from. You will definitely find the ideal place to create an experience that will fill you with memorable moments with your loved ones that will last a lifetime.

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