A lukewarm salty breeze blows through the airy wedding dress. Together with your sweetheart, your gaze sweeps over the vastness of the sea. Who does not want to marry in such a place?

A wedding on the beach, not everyone experiences it. A beach wedding is something special and typically requires a different approach from the usual 'traditional' wedding. Planning a seaside wedding has its own challenges, but not impossible especially when Reka Teemor organizes it for you.

Reka Teemor has organized several beachside weddings, and we offer beach wedding packages to couples. Here, we want to share with you our experiences designing a beautiful beachside wedding.

Some fun tips to organizing successful beach wedding

Choose the beach & facilities you want present
Whether in Malaysia or abroad, choose the right beach venue for you, and ensure you are choosing the date on a suitable season. Some places are affected by seasons such as monsoon, winter or tropical, and these may limit what you can and cannot do on site for your wedding.

We can help you with the selection and confirmation of the suitable beach locations and accompanying facilities for the wedding you envisioned. Various packages are available from the beach hotel operators too.

  • Choose the right wedding dress:
    When we talk about how to organize weddings on the beach, the first thing you have to consider choosing a correct wedding dress. You should choose one that is made of light fabrics such as silk, organza, or cotton (for example, these wedding dresses on the beach). Completely avoid heavy satin fabrics or fabrics. The same for the groom: a nice linen jacket and pants will be an excellent choice.
  • Comfortable and elegant footwear:
    To enjoy your party to the fullest, keep in mind which shoe you will choose when you think about how to organize weddings on the beach. It will be one of the keys to enjoy the outdoor party to the fullest. Also, do not miss the opportunity to go barefoot!
  • The dress code:
    Notify your guests of the dress code for your celebration. This point is very important, because although the wedding will take place on the beach, this does not mean that guests can attend in a bathing suit.
  • The bridal bouquet:
    It is essential that you choose flowers that withstand the weather. For your bouquet to stand out throughout the celebration, it is advisable to choose seasonal flowers and chords to the region where the party is, this will ensure that your bouquet will be kept alive throughout the event.
  • Foods fiesta :
    When we think about how to organize weddings on the beach, food is a primary focus. Choose a menu that suits the theme and is suitable with the reception layout, whether it is a seated or buffet styled.

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