Do you feel that the preparation of your wedding is actually more difficult than you imagined and instead of it smoothly turning into a beautiful stage, you are becoming overwhelmed with the list of 'To-Do's'? Don’t worry, Reka Teemor has the solution. We know what you need from A to Z for your wedding.

Who you need is a Wedding Planner who will be your right hand person to see everything through. However, you do not need just any person, no. You need Reka Teemor; a multi award winning, the best wedding planner Malaysia has. Reka Teemor are professionals that has already organized dozens of weddings and can help you get everything perfect, just as you have been dreaming for a long time.

We help make your wedding planning easier and more beautiful.

Nowadays, the bride and groom have such busy lives that organizing a wedding can be stressful and even burdensome. It is advisable to seek help of a Malaysia wedding planner like Reka Teemor.

However, believing that a Malaysia Wedding Planner services will exponentially increase your expenses is far from the truth. We work with you based on your budget, and we work with our strategic partners to give you high quality services at a reasonable cost, thus giving you a value-for-money and above all saves your valuable time & effort.

We can advise and guide you in each stage of the organization of your wedding; from the invitations, the wedding ceremony, the reception party and down to the most intimate details such as choosing the ring and the dress!. We know the importance of each detail and we assume the whole process with professionalism and dedication. Reka Teemor has the experiences that allow us to be aware of all the details, be able to guide you during the preparations in an organised and precise way, so that you arrive on your big day minus the worries, and only dedicate yourself to enjoying your wedding moments. We will carry out your dreams and give you the peace of mind that everything will go even better than planned.

We can go wherever you need us

It does not matter if you already started to organize your wedding; we can help you at any stage you are in. We love challenges and challenges and we want to help them get everything they need and much more. We also organize weddings for couples who reside abroad and want to get married in Malaysia, and vice versa.

Being able to describe a perfect wedding is very subjective. Maybe for you the perfect wedding is in a beautiful hacienda outside the city or in a luxurious hotel with all the services at hand. For that reason, as the top wedding planner Malaysia has to offer, our main recommendation when planning a wedding is to let yourself be carried away by your heart. Achieving what makes you feel happy about your wedding event is Reka Teemor's commitment to all our newly married couple client.

Wedding Services

All you have to do is dream it, and we'll make it happen! Settle for nothing short of perfection!

If you are planning a wedding in Malaysia or any destination wedding of your dreams, Reka Teemor is the perfect partner for your wedding event journey. As a premier wedding designer and wedding planner in Malaysia, Reka Teemor delivers exceptional wedding design and resources with lavish inspirations to make your big day the one to remember. We materialize unique weddings that match our client's desires and budget. There is no limit to the imagination, and we also bring our knowledge of Asian cultures and traditions to be incorporated into our wedding designs.

Our services cover everything needed to make a dream wedding event. Available in packaged or ala carte options, we provide the following.

  • Elemental Planning & Management
    For couples who wish to manage most or some parts of their wedding, Reka Teemor can assist you along the way, lending you our guidance and expertise, and help manage any elements that you wish to entrust to us.
  • Full Wedding Planning & Coordination/Production
    Planning and managing a wedding can be a daunting task, Reka Teemor can help you manage your entire wedding with our complete professional services and client care. From initial planning, visualization of the event design, budgeting, gifts/'hantaran' preparations to the actual day's management, couples can breathe easy as Reka Teemor will ensure your wedding day becomes a memorable event.
  • Wedding Décor Design
    A beautifully designed wedding décor makes a lasting impression and memory. Reka Teemor is an industry expert in customizing and realizing your ideas and vision into a visual masterpiece. Be it a unique request, or themed weddings, we can incorporate any modern or cultural elements and aesthetics into one-of-a-kind wedding décor design for you.
  • Destination Wedding
    Thinking of having your wedding elsewhere more exotic, or more romantic, or simply more sentimental for you? Reka Teemor can assist you to arrange for a wedding at a destination of your choosing. Local or overseas, we can make it happen for you! All destination wedding plans will require full consultation with us and comes with full Wedding Planning & Coordination/Production service.

To start planning your unique dream wedding, contact us here.