Frequently Asked Questions
Weddings FAQs
  1. Why do I need a wedding planner/designer? Why should I choose Reka Teemor?
    A professional wedding planner/designer brings experience and knowledge of the wedding industry, which can be the difference between a wedding day that successfully meets the expectations of your dreams, and one that does not. At Reka Teemor, our task is to take the stress, worry and confusion away from you in planning and coordinating the wedding.
    By choosing Reka Teemor, you can also take advantage of our vast hands-on experience in designing and materializing unique weddings that matches our client's desires and budget. There is no limit to the imagination, and we also bring our knowledge of Asian cultures and traditions to be incorporated into our wedding designs.
  2. Can I plan my own wedding? Will a planning checklist suffice?
    If you are organized, a go-getter, a good negotiator, able to explain your ideas to suppliers and have ample time to look into the various details of the wedding, you can plan you wedding. However, a bride can only go up to a certain period of the planning, as you yourself will need ample time to prepare yourself and enjoy your actual wedding day! Therefore, it is advised to either have someone to assist you to ensure your wedding plans go accordingly until the actual day, or better still appoint a wedding planner/design to take the stress away and put in the effort for you.
  3. I have a fixed budget for my wedding. How can I get the wedding I want with the budget I have?
    Reka Teemor can help you get the best possible services with your specific budget. This translates into savings. Our proven knowledge can also help in negotiating the details of services received for money spent, towards matching your vision and budget with getting the highest quality you can afford.

Interior Design FAQs
  1. My house is being built. When should I get an interior designer's services and involvement?
    The earlier the better! An advantage of acquiring our services early is that any unique décor features or structures that are required to achieve the design theme, could be constructed alongside the main construction works, thus possibly reducing the need for renovations later. By enabling us to be involved early, most of the item preparations can be made in advance as planned.
  2. Do I have to use a Designer's services for everything, or just as needed?
    We and you can either use our services for the entire process, assist you with the interior design master plan or simply for consulting and advice, allowing you to make your own purchases or to complete your interior project in stages.